JavaScript For Beginners: Start Here

Hello and welcome!

This is a quick overview of the articles you can use to get started in programming JavaScript. I’ve collected them here so you don’t have to hunt all over the website for them, and you can do them in the right order!

Note: click the headings to go to the articles! 🙂

JavaScript Programming for Absolute Beginners

This article takes you from absolute zero, to…zero + one 🙂

That might not seem like much, but it provides you with a solid foundation for tackling the next topic.

JavaScript for Beginners: If, Then & Else

Here’s where we explore a fundamental part of programming: making decisions. You’ll learn about JavaScript’s if-then-else syntax and how to use conditional operators.

JavaScript Loops: An introduction to the JavaScript For Loop

Looping is one of the great things about computers – you want something done a million times, ask a computer. This article introduces looping concepts and the syntax for the JavaScript for loop, one of the most common looping constructs among programming languages.

Introduction to JavaScript Arrays

What would loops be without arrays? Arrays are fundamental to all procedural programming languages, which definitely includes JavaScript. This is your chance to get to grips with arrays and build a cool mini-app at the same time.

Good luck with your learning! Need help? Let me know in the comments 🙂