HTML Image Slider

How To

Level Up Your HTML, CSS and JS With This Simple Drop-In Image Slider Project

20 Oct , 2017  

Hey everyone, I’ve got a fun project to work through today. Implementing a slider is one of the projects I recommend to new programmers looking for a project. It’s simple to make a basic slider, but I wanted to make one that we can drop into any website and is easy to use for anyone […]

How To

Getting on the CSS Grid

13 Oct , 2017  

You know how much effort we put into arranging web pages right? I just finished making a Bootstrap 4 course, and the whole purpose of Bootstrap is to arrange web pages reliably. If they don’t want to use Bootstrap, web developers  had to use a combination of CSS hacks to arrange a web page, including: […]

JavaScript Array Functions

How To

JavaScript Array map, reduce and filter functions for beginners

6 Oct , 2017  

Here’s the thing: I really don’t think map, reduce and filter are for beginner programmers. Not because they’re “hard” or “too much” for beginners. Just because they make an “obvious”1 operation less obvious. Once we’re familiar with these functions it’s easy to take what they do for granted. Yet I see beginner programmers pushed towards […]

WordPress Landing Page

How To

Turn a Design into a WordPress Landing Page (plug-n-play template provided!)

15 Sep , 2017  

Online businesses love landing pages, right? It’s entirely possible to get above 50% success rates (conversions) on a well-designed landing page. If you’re selling something and you know around 50% of the people who arrive on your landing page will turn into sales leads, you’ll be very happy indeed. Then there’s WordPress. It’s estimated to […]

PSD to Bootstrap How-To

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How to turn a Photoshop PSD design into a Bootstrap web page

8 Sep , 2017  

(Pssst! I made this article into a video course over at Skillshare. Click here to check it out and get a month free at Skillshare!) Hello and welcome to today’s article, where we’ll learn how to turn a PSD design of a website into a web page with Bootstrap 3. (New to HTML and CSS? […]

Responsive HTML Email Resources

How To

Designers: 25 Resources For Turning Designs Into Responsive HTML Emails

1 Sep , 2017  

Hey everyone, great to see you again! For the first time in a looong time I’ve had to create some responsive HTML emails. I had to turn a PSD file into HTML that would display correctly in all kinds of email clients, big and small. In some ways, this was super weird, because almost nothing has […]

HTML and CSS for web designers

How To

The HTML and CSS Designers Need to Know

10 Aug , 2017  

So, I’m going to pass straight over the debate over whether designers NEED to know how to code or not. I think the only expectation is that web designers understand the medium they design for. And that means HTML and CSS at least, which don’t count as coding, per se. The best part – once a […]

CSS 3D transformations

How To

Fancy 3D CSS that’s surprisingly easy to use

5 Aug , 2017  

Ok, today’s post is all about having some fun with CSS.

We already know that we can use CSS to style document colors, change typefaces and lay out page elements.

That’s cool, but we can do so much more! How about transformations in three dimensions? Or re-creating the Star Wars introduction? 

And the best thing is – these “advanced” techniques are actually super easy.

Sound fun? Let’s get started.

Timer graph shadow detail

How To

How I turned a React tutorial into a complete application

20 Jul , 2017  

Hey everyone! Recently I asked everyone on the newsletter if they’d like to see how I went from a basic React turorial: To this: They said YES 🙂 The writeup covers a lot of ground – from CSS to testing React with Enzyme – but it isn’t a technical tutorial. I describe some of […]

JavaScript testing with Jasmine and TDD

How To

How Do I Test JavaScript? An introduction to Jasmine with some TDD

2 Jul , 2017  

Yeah, you know testing is important, right? Once upon a time, JavaScript developers could get away with little formal, repeatable testing. But that was when JavaScript was an optional extra to improve a page. Now that JavaScript has moved to the centre of web application functionality it’s no longer optional, and testing it isn’t optional […]