Cleaning up bad code

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How to turn bad code into good code

22 Sep , 2017  

If you have a full-time coding gig, know what you’ll be doing most of the time? Maintaining and re-purposing old code. Writing new code is fun, but getting a few more miles out of existing code is better. Why? Because: The most risky part of development has been completed – the problem solving and solution […]

Coding Interview What Employers Really Want to Know

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Coding Interviews – What Employers Really Want to Know

25 Aug , 2017  

Coding interviews have an interesting reputation – apparently nobody knows how to do them right. Common complaints about coding interviews include: trick questions, whiteboard programming, excessive and unpaid programming “homework” and “bad” questions (“so what is your biggest flaw?”). Nonetheless, if you’re after a position as a developer, you’re going to have to sit some interviews. […]

Freelance Programming Key

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New Freelance Developers: The one thing you need to get started

18 Aug , 2017  

Freelance programming – it’s the dream right? Hanging at home, coding like mad in your pyjamas sipping homemade chai tea. (Your dream might be a little different from mine). But we all know that busting into the freelance programming world can be hard. Especially if you’re still getting established as a programmer. One of the […]

JavaScript Framework

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Do I have to learn a JavaScript framework?

15 Jun , 2017  

“Do I have to learn a JavaScript framework?” That’s a super-common question, especially for anyone who’s just finished learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Learning a JavaScript framework (or even just a library) can seem really daunting. Especially because the first thing a lot of frameworks ask you to do is break the rules you’ve just […]

Books to be a better developer

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Books to make you a better developer

27 Feb , 2017  

Being a developer means that you’re on a life-long learning journey. I think that’s a journey everyone should be on, but in the software world it’s mandatory.

Your current knowledge has a half-life of around five years – i.e. half of what you know now will be of no value to you in five years.

Brutal, I know.

But this isn’t a world for folks who don’t like to learn new things. Personally, I love learning new stuff 🙂

Today I’ll be talking about specific books you can use to learn new skills that’ll give you knowledge I believe will survive your whole career – and I hope that’s longer than five years!

How to be a better programmer

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10 Ways to Be a Better Programmer

6 Feb , 2017  

What’s the most important part of a developer’s job?

I’ll make it easy for you – being a better developer.

Maybe your boss would have a different answer – “ship the product faster,” “ship with no defects,” & etc.

The thing is, being a better developer will help you do the things your boss wants, but more importantly it’ll make your job easier, reduce stress in your day to day life and radically improve your job prospects.

why are programmers always late

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Why are programmers always late?

23 Jan , 2017  

The level of scepticism surrounding software development estimates must rank with statements such as “the check’s in the mail,” and “You won’t find it cheaper anywhere else.” It’s not like I’ve personally done anything to improve the reputation of developers’ estimating skills. I’ve submitted a few howlers, and then paid the price by having to […]

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What Programmers Don’t Know – Dealing with Cognitive Bias

21 Dec , 2016  

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself – and you are the easiest person to fool. – Richard Feynman So imagine this scene. You and your colleagues are sitting around a computer at work, staring at a log message. It’s an error. Only the whirr of the computer’s fans breaks the silence. […]

Headphones with Magnifying Glass

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How to Untangle Tough Problems

14 Sep , 2016  

You know the old saw about writing hard code and debugging it? It goes like this: Senior programmer: “What’s harder? Writing code, or debugging it?” Junior programmer: “Debugging it for sure.” “If you write the hardest, most tricky code you’re capable of, are you then qualified to debug it?” “Uh, I guess not.” The before […]

Computational thinking - how to think like a programmer

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Computational Thinking: How to think like a programmer and find great solutions to tough problems

3 Aug , 2016  

Let me ask you a question: What does a programmer do all day? Stare at a monitor and type? Attend meetings? (Ha!). Read Hacker News? (Double ha!) Seriously, mostly what they do is think, which is why they’re considered knowledge workers. Sounds cushy right? Sitting around thinking all day. It’s sure better than cleaning fish […]